Stowmarket Town

Founded as a result of the merger of Stowmarket St Peter and Stowmarket Ironsworks, they were origining known as Stowmarket Association F.C. They were disbaned due to finanicial problems at the end of the 1936/7 season. Played at Cricket Meadows in Stowmarket.

Bury and District League

23.1.1909                      Stowmarket Town 2 - 2 Cambridge Town                                                                                               Scorers for the Lilywhites were Halls and Richardson from a penalty.

10.4.1909                      Cambridge Town 3 - 1 Stowmarket Town                                                                                                  Played at Purbeck Road. Goals for the Lilywhites were by Doig (2) and Halls

26.3.1910                      Cambridge Town 2 - 1 Stowmarket Town                                                                                                       Played at Purbeck Road. Coe and Halls scored for the Lilywhites in front of a large crowd.

9.4.1910                         Stowmarket Town v Cambridge Town                        Fixture combined with Suffolk Senior Cup Final

5.11.1910                       Stowmarket Town 1 - 0 Cambridge Town                                                                                                           Flack scored for the Lilywhites.

15.4.1911                       Cambridge Town 3 - 1 Stowmarket Town                                                                                                   Played at Purbeck Road. Goals scored for the Lilywhites were by Sizer (2) and Halls

9.1.1912                         Stowmarket Town 3 - 1 Cambridge Town                                                                                                    Ambrose scores for the Lilywhites.

6.4.1912                          Cambridge City 6 - 1 Stowmarket Town                                                                                                         Stowmarket Town's own visit to the new Lilywhites Ground, the Hills Road Bridge Ground as they did not play in the Bury & District League the following year. Goals for the Lilywhites being by Halls (3), Sizer and Wigg (2).

Suffolk Senior Cup

9.4.1910                          Stowmarket Town 0 - 0 Cambridge Town                                                          Final                                Played at Bury United                          

16.10.1910                      Cambridge Town 3 - 0 Stowmarket Town                                                          Final Replay                   Played at Bury United, the Cambridge Town team was O Gawthrop, R Goodman, M Jenkins, G Thornton, J Richardson, F Coville, A Flack, G Coe, Sgt Copeland, R Doig and L Halls. In lifting their first trophy, the Lilywhites had to fight much hardier than scored reflected and in the first half Stowmarket had a goal disallowed for off side.In to the second half, Flack opened the scoring for the Lilywhites with a fierce shot before Doig and Copeland added the second and third.

East Anglian Cup

15.9.1934                       Stowmarket Town 2 - 5 Cambridge Town                                                                                                      Four of the goals for the Lilywhites were scored by Sid Melling, while the other was an own goal.

Stowmarket Football Club

Founded just after the Second World War by Stowupland Corinithians F.C. after they moved to the Cricket Meadows at Stowmarket. In 1947 they went through a number of name changes. First during the summer they became known as Stowmarket Corinithians before in August they were re-named Stowmarket Town. Though shortly afterwards, having taken legal advice, they changed their name again to plain Stowmarket F.C. In 1983 they were to become Stowmarket Town again and twelve months later they moved to Greens Meadow.

East Anglian Cup

4.3.1958                         Cambridge City 1- 2 Stowmarket                                                                           2nd Round                       The Lilywhites's goal was an own goal.

19.9.1961                       Cambridge City 8 - 0 Stowmarket                                                                              1st Round                  The goals for the Lilywhites were scored by Moore (a hat-trick), Gavin (2), Banks (2) and Salt

29.9.1964                       Cambridge City 2 - 1 Stowmarket                                                                              1st Round                       Pearce and Bircumshaw scored for the Lilywhites.