Over the years, the Lilywhites have played cup matches with both Huntingdon Town and Huntingdon United.

Huntingdon Town

The Huntingdon Town Football Club was founded in the 1800s before in 1948 amalgamating with Huntingdon Wanderers to form a new club, Huntingdon United.

F.A. Amateur Cup

18.10.1919                   Cambridge Town 6 - 0 Huntingdon Town                                                          1st Qualifying Round       Cambridge Town team: Olly Gawthrop, Reg Cousins, Freddy Clover, Tommy Hutchinson, Jack Richardson, Bert Kirby, Frank Rae, Alec Fuller, Bert Allen, Vic Watson and Billy Phypers. Played at Corpus Christi Sports Ground off Huntingdon Road, the scorers for the Lilywhites were Watson (3), Phypers, Rae and Fuller

Friendly Match

9.1921                           Cambridge Town 7 - 0 Huntingdon Town                                                                                       Cambridge Town team: Clem Hill, Tiny Joyce, Fred Cornwell, Len Wordingham, T Sansom, Bert Kirby, Ralph Chalk, Billy Cornwell. A Hill, O'Neil and Guy Rowell. Four of the goals for the Lilywhites were scored by Hill with the other three being scored by Billy Cornwell, Sansom and Chalk.

Huntingdon United

Huntingdon United, who were established in 1948 following the merger of the original Huntingdon Town Football Club and Huntingdon Wanderers, were opponents of the Lilywhites in the F.A. Cup in 1952. They originally played their home matches at Hinchingbrooke Park before moving to Sapley Road. In 2005 they merged with RGE Huntingdon to form a new club, which was originally named Huntingdon United RGE.

F.A. Cup

27.9.1952                              Huntingdon United 0 - 3 Cambridge City                          1st Qualifying Round                Cambridge City team: Ben Brown, Danny Rowe, Ray Bradley, Brian Holmes, Bill Williams, Den Smith, Terry Cockcroft, Jack Bartholomew, Brian Turner, Jim McGregor and Derek Platts. Played at Hinchingbrooke Park, two of the goals for the Lilywhites were scored by Brian Turner, while the other was an own goal.

Montagu Club, Huntingdon

Huntingdon Town

In 2012 the Lilywhites met Huntingon Town in the 1st Qualifying Round of the F.A. Cup, they had been founded in 1980 as the Montagu Football Club and in 1996 they became Huntingdon Town F.C, having also been known as Sun F.C. for a time. Since 1996 they have played at Jubilee Park in Huntingdon.

F.A. Cup

8.9.2012                                 Cambridge City 7 - 0 Huntingdon Town                                 1st Qualifying Round                   Cambridge City team: Erion Ordonez, Pat Bexfield, James Brighton, Lee Chaffey, David Prada, Luke Allen, Adie Cambridge, Craig Hammond, Mitchell Bryant and Joey Abbs. Subs used were Tom Pepper, Christain Lester and Zac Barrett (who had missed the first part of the season) came on to replaced Ordonez in goal.  Scorers for the Lilywhites were Hammond (4), Bryant, Cambridge and Pepper.

Huntingdon United (RGE)

Formed in 2005 as Huntingdon United RGE, after the merger of Huntingdon United and RGE Huntingdon, they dropped the ''RGE' from their name during the 2013-14 season.