Jesus College

With their then own ground, the Hills Road Bridge Ground, not available the Lilywhites were forced to use that of Jesus College in 1914/15. They later played two friendly matches there in 1919.

29.8.1914                Cambridge Town 1 - 2 18th Brigade                                                                                                               This was a charity match in aid of the War Fund. Billy Phypers scored for the Lilywites.

5.9.1914                    Cambridge Town 1 - 3 18th Brigade                                                                                                              Also in aid of the War Fund, Allen scored for the Lilywhites in front of a large crowd.

2.1.1915                     Cambridge Town 5 - 3 Territorials                                                                                                             Match played in aid of the War Fund, with the goals for the Lilywhites being scored by Allen (2), Rogers, Squires and Halls.

9.1.1915                       Cambridge Town 3 - 1 Territorials                                                                                                              This match in aid of the War Fund, was the last match the Lilywhites played until after the First World War had ended. Goals scored for the Lilywhites were by Halls (2) and Allen

13.9.1919                      Cambridge Town 3 - 0 Histon Institute                                                                                                           This friendly match was the first match the Lilywhites played after the First World War had ended and saw the Lilywhites win thanks to goals by Hutchinson (2) and Phypers.

20.9.1919                       Cambridge Town 12 - 0 Ely City                                                                                                                     Goals for the Lilywhites were scored by Vic Watson (6), Billy Phypers (4) and Allen (2)