Over the years the Lilywhites have visited Atherstone, which is close to Nuneaton in Warwickshire, to play both Atherstone Town and Atherstone United.

Sheepy Road Ground

Atherstone Town

Despite being founded in 1887, it was not until December 1973 that the original Atherstone Town played the Lilywhites first. Though within six years of that first meeting, they had gone out of business having been put into liquidation during the summer of 1979. For many years they had played their ground was in Sheepy Road and after their demise this was taken over my the new Atherstone Club, Atherstone United.

Southern League Premer (NL1)

15.2.1973             Cambridge City 3 - 1 Atherstone Town                                                                                                                 Goals for the Lilywhites were scored by Gully (2) and Webster.

3.2.1974                 Atherstone Town 1 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                                 Murray scored for the Lilywhites.

7.12.1974              Cambridge City 1 - 0 Atherstone Town                                                                                                                    The only goal of the match was scored for the Lilywhites by Newell.

4.1.1975                Atherstone Town 0 - 0 Cambridge City

19.8.1975              Atherstone Town 2 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                                     Murray scored for the Lilywhites.

16.3.1976              Cambridge City 1 - 1 Atherstone Town                                                                                                               Newell was the Lilywhites goalscorer. The last meeting between the two sides as that season the Lilywhites are relegated. 

Atherstone United

Founded in 1979 from the ashes of Atherstone Town by a hardy group of local football supporters, Atherstone United first played the Lilywhites in August 1989 but like their predecessor were to fall into finanical troubles and in September 2003 they also went into liquidation. During their 14 years in existence, they used the Old Atherstone Town Ground in Sheeoy Rd.

Southern League Premier (NL 2)

28.8.1989          Cambridge City 0 - 2 Atherstone United

24.2.1990          Atherstone United 0 - 0 Cambridge City

16.3.1991          Atherstone United 1 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                                     Cambridge City team: Kevin Murray, Simon Haich, Laurence Cullum, David McCoy, Steve Gawthrop, Andy Beattie, Steve Low, Keith Lockhart, Paul Wilkin, Gary Grogan and Domenico Genevese. Paul Wilkin scored for the Lilywhites.

17.4.1991          Cambridge City 4 - 3 Atherstone United                                                                                                                    The Lilywhites goalscorers were Beattie, Fallon. McLean and Grogan.

1991/92             Cambridge City 4 - 1 Atherstone United

1991//92             Atherstone United 0 - 1 Cambridge City

1992/93             Atherstone United 2 - 4 Cambridge City

1992/93             Cambridge City 0 - 3 Atherstone United

1993/94             Cambridge City 0 - 0 Atherstone United

1993/94             Atherstone United 0 - 1 Cambridge City

7.10.1995          Cambridge City 3 - 1 Atherstone United

4.5.1996            Atherstone United 2 - 2 Cambridge City

26.10.1996        Atherstone United 1 - 0 Cambridge City                                                                                                                      Cambridge City team: Barry Piggott, Andy Pincher, Richard Chattoe, Gordon Retallick, Andy Beattie, Lee Bearman, Kevin Lockhart, Wayne Goddard, Peter Leete, Chris Tovey and Ian Cambridge. Sub used was John McLean for Peter Leete.            

 1.2.1997            Cambridge City 1 - 2 Atherstone United                                                                                                                    Cambridge City team: Piggott, Andy Jeffery, Chattoe, Beattie, Andy Taylor, Michael Cook, Retallick, Michael Halsall, Neil Harris, Callinan and Tuncay Korkmaz. Subs used for the Lilywhites were Tovey for Korkmaz, Goddard for Chattoe and Gawthrop for Halsall. Born Harris and Callinan were making their debut for the Lilywhites. With Neil Harris, who had just signed from Maldon Town, scoring on his debut.

11.10.1997        Cambridge City 1 - 2 Atherstone United                                                                                                                     Cambridge City team: Dan Kelly, Mark Adams, Chattoe, Jason Carter, Taylor, Adam Rutter, Michael Cheetham, Micky Bennett, Harris, Nicky Smith and Andy Jeffrey. Subs used were Jeffrey, Neil Cogger and Simon Ullathorne. Scorer for the Lilywhites was Harris. While Jason Carter was making his debut for the Lilywhites.

18.4.1998         Atherstone United 0 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                                   Cambridge City team: Kelly, Marvin Harriott, David Hercock, Carter, Steve Holden, Adams, Pincher, Cheetham, Junior McDougald, Ian Brown and Cogger. McDougald scored the only goal fo the match for the Lilywhites.

1998/99            Atherstone United 0 - 1 Cambridge City

1998/99             Cambridge City 3 - 1 Atherstone United

3.1.2000            Cambridge City 3 - 2 Atherstone United                                                                                                               Crowd of 369.

22.4.2000         Atherstone United 0 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                                         The last time the Lilywhites played Atherstone United.

Atherstone Town (2004)

Following the demise a new football club, Atherstone Town, was founded in 2004 using their predecessor's ground in Sheepy Road, Atherstone. They were to be promoted to the Southern League Midlands Division (NL 4) in 2008 but were to resigned midway through the 2010/11 season having come into finanical difficulties. Despite these problems they continue to exist in a more local league. They have never played against the Lilywhites.