Farnborough Town

Founded in 1967, Farnborough Town first played at the Queen's Road Recreation Ground and after four seasons in the Surrey Senior League joined the Spartan League. To progess any further they needed to obtain a ground with better facilities and in 1976 they moved to a new ground in Cherrywood Road and joined the Anthenian League. They then progressed to the Football Conference before being relegated to the Southern Premeir in 1990. As well as playing against the Lilywhites in the Southern Premeir, they met us in the Conference South and the F.A. Trophy.

In May 2007 as a result of going into administration, Farnborough Town were expelled from the Football Conference and ceased to exist. Later that summer a new club was formed.

Southern Premier (NL 2)

3.11.1990               Cambridge City 0 - 0 Farnborough Town                                                                                           Cambridge City team: Kevin Murray, Simon Haigh, Andy Beattie, Steve Fallon, Laurence Cullum, Steve Spriggs, Steve Low, Steve Gawthrop, Gary Grogan, John McLean and Keith Lockhart.

13.4.1991                Farnborough Town 0 - 0 Cambride City                                                                                                               Cambridge City team: Murray, Haigh, Beattie, Fallon, Dave McCoy, Spriggs, Low, Gawthrop, Grogan, McLean and Lockhart. Both teams were fighting it out for the Championship and as a result of which there was a large crowd of 949 for the match. In the end, Farnborough went up to the Football Conference as champions and the Lilywhites missed out on promotion by finishing third.

4.12.1993                 Cambridge City 1 - 5 Farnborough Town                                                                                                          Laurie Ryan scored for the Lilywhites against a Farnborough side that had been relegated from the Conference the previous season.

19.2.1994                  Farnborough Town 2 - 2 Cambridge City                                                                                                            The goalscorers for the Lilywhites were Mark Scott and Laurie Ryan. Farnborough were promoted back to the Conference.

Conference South (NL 2)

10.12.2005              Cambridge City 0 - 2 Farnborough Town                                                                                                        Cambridge City team: Naisbitt, Pope, Chaffey, Fuff, Flynn, Josh Simpson, Dobson, Robbie Simpson, Sadler, Booth and Lincoln. Subs used were Gash for Booth and Wilson for Dobson

29.4.2006                   Farnborough Town 0 - 3 Cambridge City                                                                                                           Cambridge City team: Naisbitt, Pope, Blanchett, Chaffey, Langstan, Southon, Dobson, Josh Simpson, Hughes, Booth and Binns. Subs used were Robbie Simpson for Southon, Calton for Naisbitt and Lockett for Hughes. Scorers for the Lilywhites were Booth (2) and Blanchett. It was Danny Blanchett only ever goal for the Lilywhites.

16.9.2006                   Farnborough Town 2 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                               Cambridge City team: Naisbitt, Pope, Blanchett, Chaffey, Fuff, Bowditch, Sinclair, Lincoln, Lynch. Reed and Radcliffe. Subs used were Roache for Reed, Coe for Lincoln and Baillie for Radcliffe. Lee Chaffey was the Lilywhites goalscorer.

27.1.2007                  Cambridge City 1 - 1 Farnborough Town                                                                                                         Cambridge City team: Naisbitt, Pope, Blanchett, Chaffey, Fuff, Bowditch, Baillie, Lincoln, O'Connor, Midgley and Henry. Subs used were Gash for O'Connor and Radcliffe for Lincoln. Goalscorer for the Lillywhites was Lincoln.


17.12.2005                  Farnborough Town 0 - 2 Cambridge City                                                     First Round                  Cambridge City team: Naisbitt, Pope, Wilson, Fuff, Chaffey, Josh Simpson, Dobson, Robbie Simpson, Sadler, Booth and Flynn. Sub used was Gash for Booth. Goals scored for the Lilywhites by Sadler and Gash.


Farnborough F.C., who were founded in 2007 following Farnborough Town going into administration, were admitted to the South/West Division of the Southern League and play their matches as 'Farnborough Town'.

7.10.2008                     Farnborough Town 1 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                 Cambridge City team: Zac Barrett, Ben Nunn, Lee Chaffey, Dave Theobald, Mark Smith, Stephen Smith, Scott Neilson, Adie Cambridge, Calliste, Neil Midgley and James Krause. Subs used were Sharp and Roberts. Scorer for the Lilywhites was Neil Midgley in the 89th minute to save a point having trailed since the 3rd mtach. Crowd 731.

26.1.2009                       Cambridge City 0 - 2 Farnborough                                                                                                             Cambridge City team: Barrett, Matt Hanvier, Craig Radcliffe, Chaffey, Steve Gentle, Midgley, Robbie Nightingale, Adie Cambridge, Danny Bloomfield, Roache and Ashley Fuller. Subs used were Nielson, Stephen Smith and Krause.

7.10.2010                        Farnborough 3 - 3 Cambridge City                                                                                                                Scorers for the Lilywhites were Frendo (6th minute), Midgley (66th) and Fuller (80th)

9.3.2010                          Cambridge City 1 - 1 Farnborough                                                                                                                The goalscorer for the Lilywhites in the 25th minute was Calliste.