Guildford and Dorking

The Lilywhites have played South League first against Guildford City and then later against Guildford and Dorking.

Guildford City

Guildford City. who were at one time Southern League opponents of the Lilywhites, were founded as a professional club in 1920. Then known as Guildford United, they were to become re-named as Guildford City in 1927. They were already an established Southern League club when the Lilywhites joined in 1958 having themselves joined the Southern League at the start of the 1921/22 season. Throughout their history they played their home matches at Joseph's Road Ground in Guildford, a ground that staged it's last match on February 12th, 1974. The club they merged with Dorking United to form Guilding & Dorking United F.C.

Southern League South-East (NL 2)

1958/59                    Cambridge City 2 - 0 Guildford City                                                                                                                       Goals scored for the Lilywhites by Jimmy Gaynor and Reece Nicholson as they check up their first Southern League victory.

Southern League Premier (NL 1)


16.9.1961                   Cambridge City 6 - 0 Guildford City

3.2.1962                     Guildford City 2 - 1 Cambridge City

6.10.1962                   Cambridge City 3 - 3 Guildford City

9.3.1963                      Guildford City 2 - 2 Cambridge City

5.11.1963                    Cambridge City 0 - 3 Guildford City

14.3.1964                    Guildford City v Cambridge City

26.10.1964                  Guildford City 1 - 1 Cambridge City

6.2.1965                       Cambridge City 1 - 1 Guildford City

25.4.1966                      Guildford City v Cambridge City

3.5.1966                        Cambridge City v Guildford City

12.11.1966                    Cambridge City 2 - 1 Guildford City

1.5.1967                         Guildford City v Cambridge City


Southern League Division One (NL 2)


Southern League Premier (NL 1)




Southern League Cup

27.8.1963                       Cambridge City 3 - 1 Guildford City

Dorking United

Dorking United had been founded in 1880 and had played at Meadowbank Park in Dorking since 1956, Their orginal ground had been in Pixham Lane.

Guildford and Dorking United

The Lilywhites played Guildford & Dorking, who had taken Guildford City's place in the Southern League Premier Division for just one season as at then end of the season Guildford & Dorking finished bottom of the division and were relegated. Guildford & Dorking United Football Club was founded in 1972 following the merger of Guildford City and Dorking United. The Club, who took over Guildford's place in the Southern League, played at the former Dorking United Ground (Meadowbank) before being dissolved in 1976.

Southern League Premier (NL 2)

24.9.1974         Cambridge City 1 - 0 Guildford & Dorking United

15.3.1975          Guildford United v Cambridge City

The Meadowbank Stadium, Dorking

Dorking Town

Founded in 1977, they took over the Meadowbank Stadium which had previously been used by Dorking United and by Guildford & Dorking Football Club.