The Lilywhites have played two Dulwich sides: Dulwich Wood and Dulwich Hamlet.

Dulwich Wood

Dulwich Wood were Southern Olympian League opponents of the Lilywhites in the final league season before the break out of the First World War.

Southern Olympian League

29.10.1913                   Cambridge Town 5 - 0 Dulwich Wood                                                                                                  Played at the Hills Road Bridge Ground, the goals for the Lilywhites were scored by Jenkins (3) and Whybro (2).

21.2.1914                         Dulwich Wood 2 - 2 Cambridge Town                                                                                                 Played in Cambridge at the Hills Road Bridge Ground, the Lilywhites goals were scored by Halls and Fuller.

Dulwich Hamlet

Founded in 1883, Dulwich Hamlet were first opponents of the Lilywhites in a F.A. Amateur Cup tie in 1932, they have also met in the Addenbrookes Hospital Cup.

F.A. Amateur Cup

16.1.1932                            Dulwich Hamlet 7 - 1 Cambridge Town                                                                                         Poulter scored for the Lilywhites.

12.1.1957                            Cambridge City 1 - 1 Dulwich Hamlet                                    1st Round                                               The Lilywhites goalscorer was Reg Voisey.

19.1.1957                            Dulwich Hamlet 3 - 0 Cambridge City                                     1st Round Replay

Addenbrookes Hospital Cup

9.5.1953                               Cambridge City 1 - 0 Dulwich Hamlet                                                                                             Hadder scored for the Lilywhites,