Ground Share with Histon

For the 2013/14 the Lilywhites moved to share Histon's Ground, the Glassworld Stadium. It had been the home of the Histon Football Club (formerly Histon Institute) since 1926 and had over the years had gone through many changes. Before 1926 Histon had played on a field, closed to Impington Windmill and Histon Station.

Originally enter through a gate opposite the Railway Vue Public House, which led through the Copse to the ground, it had a grandstand opened on September 29th, 1934 and could accommodate 200 peoples. The grandstand was altered in 1953-54 by the Chivers family, who provided the ground, and they said in the Chivers magazine: "By raising the stand some eight feet it has been possible to provide a first-class clubroom with a licensed bar, a committee room, beneath the main structure. The playing area was also enclosed with tubular railings."

In 1960-61 the picture had to be moved as the old one was in the path of the new bypass through Histon and Impington. The new pitch being at right angles to the old one. Today some of the old terrace tubular railings can be still found in situate, though they are on the otherside of the bypass from the current ground and are within the copse. The new ground was very much 'a hut in a field' before prior to the start of the 1964-65 a new stand was open. This stand was later renamed the 'Steve Fallon Stand', after former Histon and Cambridge City manager. There is today a further stand, alongside of the original one, that was built to also houses the offices of the Cambridgeshire Football Association.

Over the years Histon has staged many notable matches, none so much more than their victory over Leeds United in the F.A. Cup on November 28th, 2008. Matt Langstan scoring the goal in the match televised match. The next round Histon were well beaten, also at Histon, by Swansea.

Cambridge City v Bashley at Glassworld Stadium, 2013