Colchester Town

Colchester Town, who were a founder member of the Eastern Counties League, were an amateur team that the Lilywhites played in both the F.A. Cup and the East Anglian Cup. Founded in October 1973, they were dissolved in December 1937 when a professional club, Colchester United, was founded.

F.A. Cup

25.10.1919            Colchester Town 1 - 1 Cambridge Town                                                   2nd Qualifying Round                     Scorer for the Lilywhites was Hutchinson

30.10.1919            Cambridge Town 5 - 2 Colchester Town                                                   2nd Qualifying Round Replay       Played at Corpus Christi, Billy Phypers scored all the goals for the Lilywhites.            

6.11.1920              Cambridge Town 1 - 2 Colchester Town                                                     3rd Qualifying Round              Played at the Trinity New Ground, H Allen scored for the Lilywhites.

31.10.1925             Cambridge Town 9 - 1 Colchester Town                                                    3rd Qualifying Round                Played at Milton Road, the goalscorers for the Lilywhites were Nicholls (4), Rowell (3), Stearn and an own goal.

15.10.1927              Colchester Town 1 - 1 Cambridge Town                                                    2nd Qualifying Round                 The goalscorer for the Lilywhites was Bell.

20.10.1927              Cambridge Town 2 - 0 Colchester Town                                                    2nd Qualifying Round Replay   Patman and Bell scored for the Lilywhites.

East Anglian Cup

7.3.1928                     Colchester Twn 1 - 1 Cambridge Town                                                     2nd Round                            Offord scored for the Lilywhites.

21.3.1928                    Cambridge Town 1 - 0 Colchester Town                                                  2nd Round Replay               The goalscorer for the Lilywhites was Offord.

31.10.1931                  Cambridge Town 2 - 2 Colchester Town                                                 1st Round                                Sands and L Hard were the goalscorers for the Lilywhites.

28.12.1931                   Colchester Town 5 - 1 Cambridge Town                                                 1st Round Replay                 The Lilywhites goalscorer was Crooks.

5.11.1932                      Cambridge Town 5 - 3 Colchester Town                                                1st Round                               Goals for the Lilywhites were scored by H Hard, Wordingham (penalty), Saunders, Flack and L Hard.

23.11.1935                    Colchester Town 2 - 4 Cambridge Town                                                1st Round                              The goalscorers for the Lilywhites were Barnard (2), S Webb and Brown.

During their history Colchester Town had played thier home matches at Cambridge Road (1873-1902), Reed Hall (1902-03), Drury Lodge (1903-04), Spaldings Meadow (1904-08), Sheepen Road (1908-09), Water Lane (1909-10)  and finally from 1910 at Layer Road.