The Huish Ground, Yeovil

Yeovil Town, who were the first opponents of the Lilywhites after they turned professional, were founded 1890 as Yeovil F.C. before becoming Yeovil Casuals five years later. Having originally shared a ground with the local rugby club, in 1907 they changed their name to Yeovil Town and at the same stage moved to the Pen Mill Athletic Ground. The 1920s saw them amalagamate with Petters United to become Yeovil and Petters Utd F.C. and also move to the Huish Ground, which was to remain their home for nearly 70 years. They reverted to the name Yeovil Town in 1946.

Southern League South-East Division

23.8.1958                      Cambridge City 1 - 1 Yeovil Town                                                                                                                     Ted Tarrant scored the goal for the Lilywhites from the penalty spot in front of a crowd of 5.831.

11.10.1958                    Yeovil Town 1 - 3 Cambridge City                                                                                                                 Scorers for the Lilywhites was Keeble (2) and Nicholson

Southern League Premier

28.11.1959                    Cambridge City 1 - 1 Yeovil Town                                                                                                                  Weddle scored for the Lilywhites

16.4.1960                      Yeovil Town 1 - 0 Cambridge City

20.8.1960                      Yeovil Town 2 - 0 Cambridge City

17.12.1960                    Cambridge City 0 - 1 Yeovil Town

26.9.1961                      Yeovil Town 1 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                                    The scorer for the Lilywhites was Gavin.

20.1.1962                     Cambridge City 1 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                              Reg Pearce scored the Lilywhites goal from the penalty spot.

1.12.1962                      Cambridge City 1 - 2 Yeovil Town                                                                                                                   The goal for the Lilywhites was scored by Brian Moore.

20.4.1953                      Yeovil Town 4 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                                   The goal scorer for the Lilywhites was Pearce.

24.8.1963                      Cambridge City 4 - 1 Yeovil Town                                                                                                                      A penalty by Sammy Salt plus two goals by Tommy Wilson and an own goal meant that the Lilywhites got all the points.

14.12.1963                      Yeovil Town 3 - 2 Cambridge City                                                                                                           Benning and Derick scored for the Lilywhites.

29.8.1964                       Cambridge City 2 - 2 Yeovil Town                                                                                                               Goals scored for the Lilywhites by Brian Moore and Alec Moyse.

19.12.1964                    Yeovil Town 2 - 0 Cambridge City

12.3.1966                       Yeovil Town 0 - 2 Cambridge City                                                                                                                 Eddie Bailham scored both goals for the Lilywhites

5.4.1966                         Cambridge City 2 - 1 Yeovil Town                                                                                                               Bailham and Spears scored for the Lilywhites.

7.1.1967                         Cambridge City 5 - 1 Yeovil Town                                                                                                                 Goals scored for the Lilywhites by Wall (3), Stevens and Lawrence.

19.4.1967                        Yeovil Town 2 - 2 Cambridge City                                                                                                                 Wall and Stevens scored for the Lilywhites.

18.11.1967                    Cambridge City 0 - 0 Yeovil Town

13.4.1968                       Yeovil Town 0 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                                      Foley scores the only goal of the match for the Lilywhites. The Lilywhites are relegated that season.

15.8.1970                       Yeovil Town 1 - 0 Cambridge City                                                                                                                   The Lilywhites visit match back in the Southern League Premier.

29.11.1970                    Cambridge City 1 - 1 Yeovil Town                                                                                                                  Stevens scores for the Lilywhites

13.11.1971                    Cambridge City 2 - 2 Yeovil Town                                                                                                                  Goal scorers for the Lilywhites were Jones and Hyde

4.3.1972                         Yeovil Town 2 - 2 Cambridge City                                                                                                                       Hunter scored both of the goals for the Lilywhites.

14.10.1972                     Cambridge City 1 - 2 Yeovil Town                                                                                                                Goal scorer for the Lilywhites was Hunter.

13.12.1972                     Yeovil Town 5 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                                 Eddie Bailham scores the only goal for the Lilywhites.

27.10.1973                    Cambridge City 1 - 1 Yeovil Town                                                                                                                     Barnard was the Lilywhites goalscorer.

9.3.1974                         Cambridge City 1 - 0 Yeovil Town

18.1.1975                       Cambridge City 1 - 0 Yeovil Town                                                                                                                    Keenan scored for the Lilywhites.

15.2.1975                       Yeovil Town 1 - 0 Cambridge City

20.3.1976                       Yeovil Town 2 - 0 Cambridge City                                                                                                                   This was the last time that the Lilywhites played Yeovil at the Huish Ground, as that season the Lilywhites were relegated that year.

27.4.1976                       Cambridge City 1 - 1 Yeovil Town                                                                                                                   The scorer for the Lilywhites was Crane. This was the last time that Yeovil visited either the Old Milton Road Ground or the New Milton Road Ground for a league match.

Huish Ground, Yeovil

In 1990 Yeovil moved to a new ground, which they named the Huish Park Ground, that was built on the site of an old army camp. The old ground was later demolished and a Tesco's Hydermarket built on the site.