Though the Lilywhites have played both Solihull Borough and Moor Green on many ocassions in league matches, neither club at that time were playing in Solihull itself. They were actually at that time sharing Moor Green's ground in Hall Green. So it was not until they played Solihull Moors in 2007 that they first really played in Solihull.

Damson Park, Solihull

Solihull Moors

Solihull Moors Football Club was founded 2007 as a result of the amalgamation of the Solihull Borough and Moor Green clubs. Both clubs having shared the same ground, Damson Park in Solihull, since 2005.

F.A. Trophy

24.11.2007             Solihull Moors 1 - 4 Cambridge City                                                                      3rd Qualifying Round           Cambridge City team: Shane Herbert, Joe Bruce, Craig Radcliffe, Lee Chaffey, Dave Theobald, Ben Bowditch, Neil Midgley, Josh Simpson, Michael Gash, Thomas and Ashley Fuller. Subs used were Les Roache for Midgley, Lewis Baillie for Thomas and Mark E'beyer for Bowditch. Scorers for the Lilywhites were Midgley (2), Fuller and Roache. This was the first time we actually visited Solihull, as all the matches against either Solihull Borough and Moor Green were actaully played at Hall Green.

Proposed new home of Solihull Borough F.C. (1994)

Solihull Borough

Founded at the Lincoln's Cafe in Acocks Green in 1951 and orignally named as Lincoln F.C. they became Solihull Borough in 1965. They originally played their matches in Widney Lane, Solihull, which remained their home until 1988 when they were then forced to sell off their ground to property developers having run into finanicial problems. Solihull Borough then went to ground share with near neighbours, Moor Green, in Hall Green. It was here they played all their homes matches against the Lilywhites. After ten years sharing with Moor Green, they moved in 1998 to share with Redditch before finally moving in 2000 to their own ground, Damson Park, having purchased a former golf driving range, Damson Park.

Southern Prmier (NL 2)

1992                        Cambridge City 1 -3 Solihull Borough

1993                        Solihull Borough 0 - 0 Cambridge City

8.1.1994                  Solihull Borough 2 - 0 Cambridge City

16.4.1994               Cambridge City 0 - 2 Solihull Borough

26.1.1995               Cambridge City 2 - 4 Solihull Borough                                                                                                          Cambridge City team: Kevin Murray, Keith Lockhart, Mark Scott, Colin Vowden, Gary Roberts, Steve Gawthrop, Shaun Harrington, Neil Pope, John McLean, Giuliano Maiorana and Paul Coe. Sub used was Laurie Ryan for Maiorana. The two goals for the Lilywhites were scored by Shaun Harrington in the 12th minute and Steve Gawthrop in the 83rd.

11.3.1995              Solihull Borough 0 - 2 Cambridge City                                                                                                                    Cambridge City team: Murray, Graham Retallick, Scott, Vowden, Gawthrop, Lockhart, Andy Pincher, McLean, Ryan, John Ashdijan and Paul Coe. Sub used was Retford for Lockhart. The scorers were Ryan and Pope.

The Moorelands Stadium, Hall Green

Moor Green

Founded in 1901 when the players of the Moseley Ashfield Cricket Club began to also playing football, Moor Green were league opponents of the Lilywhites for many seasons from 1988. All their home matches against the Lilywhites were played at the Morelands Stadium in Sherwood Rd, Hall Green, which they shared with Solihull Borough for ten years until 1998. The Morelands Stadium, which they had rented until 1964 when they purchased it, had been their home since 1930. In 2005, after it was badly damaged in an arson attack, they again moved to share with Solihull Borough. This time at the new Solihull Ground, Damson Park. On March 30th, 2007 it was annouched that Moor Green would be merging with Solihull Borough to form a new club, Solihull Moors, on June 1st.

Southern Premier

19.11.1988               Moor Green 2 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                                    Scorer for the Lilywhites was Kevin Wilkin

7.1.1989                   Cambridge City 1 - 2 Moor Green                                                                                                                          Gary Grogan scored for the Lilywhites

28.10.1989               Moor Green 1 - 2 Cambridge City                                                                                                                   Goals for the Lilywhites scored by Grogan and Lockhart.

10.3.1990                 Cambridge City 2 - 2 Moor Green                                                                                                                Graham Daniels and Kevin Wilkin were the Lilywhites goalscorers.

27.8.1990                 Moor Green 0 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                                          Scorer for the Lilywhites was Steve Low.

30.1.1991                 Cambridge City 2 - 1 Moor Green                                                                                                                    Goals scored for the Lilywhites by McLean and Genovese

11.9.1991                 Cambridge City 2 - 0 Moor Green                                                                                                                    Scorers for the Lilywhites were Paul Wilkin and Steve Gawthrop.

26.101991                Moor Green 2 - 2 Cambridge City                                                                                                                   Lockhart and Ryan scored for the Lilywhites.

1992                          Moor Green 3 - 5 Cambridge City

1993                          Cambridge City 4 - 4 Moor Green 

21.8.1993                 Cambridge City 1 - 3 Moor Green                                                                                                              Cambridge City team: Kevin Murray, Chris Tovey, Mark Scott, Steve Fallon, Andy Beattie, Steve Gawthrop, Paul Wilkin, Cambridge, Laurie Ryan, Gary Grogan and Paul Coe. Subs used were Wayne Goddard for Cambridge and Darren Hayward for Beattie. Gary Grogan scored for the Lilywhites. 

11.12.1993                Moor Green 0 - 1 Cambridge City

17.2.2001                   Moor Green 0 - 0 Cambridge City

10.3.2001                   Cambridge City 2 - 0 Moor Green                                                                                                                  Goals scored for the Lilywhites in the 70th minute by Kevin Wilkin and in the 85th minute by Ian Cambridge.

18.8.2001                   Cambridge City 0 - 1 Moor Green

23.3.2002                   Moor Green 1 - 2 Cambridge City                                                                                                                       The Lilywhites won thanks to a penalty by Martin Fox in the 55th minute and a further goal by Steve Holden in the 59th minute.

2002                            Moor Green 1 - 1 Cambridge City

2003                           Cambridge City 1 - 2 Moor Green

2003                           Cambridge City 1 - 1 Moor Green

2004                           Moor Green 1 - 1 Cambridge City