In the past the Lilywhites have played both Carshalton Amateur Football Club and Carshalton Athletic.

Carshalton Amateur Football Club

Founded in 1898 as Carshalton Park, Carshalton Amateur Football Club were opponents of the Lilywhites in the Southern Amateur League, a league that they still play in today. Their home ground since the 1904/5 season has been at Beddington Park in Carshalton and there their they at one time had a thatched pavilion.

Southern Amateur League

18.10.1913                 Cambridge Town 3 - 3 Carshalton                                                                                                                     Played at the Hills Road Bridge Ground, the goals for the Lilywhites were scored by Whybro (2) and Buck

4.4.1914                      Carshalton 2 - 0 Cambridge Town                                                                                                                       Played at the Hills Road Bridge Ground.

12.10.1929                 Carshalton 0 - 3 Cambridge Town

Carshalton Athletic Football Club

Founded in 1903 as the Mill Lane Mission Club, they changed their name to Carshalton Athletic in the summer of 1907. Having originally played on football pitches in the Wrythe Recreation Ground and then for one year at Culver Park, they moved the Memorial Ground in 1921. Their first match being against Thornhill on New Year's Day. The ground itself had been built after the First World War, in

Anthenian League

14.9.1957                  Cambridge City 1 - 3 Carshalton Athletic