St Mary's Football Club

When where the Lilywhites actually founded? The official club history says it was 1908 but you can also make a good case for it being nearly 25 years when the St Mary's Football Club was founded.

Founded about 1883, St Mary's Club were one of the major clubs in Cambs in 1908. They had won the Cambs Senior Cup for the last three years and six times out right in all. They were also joint winners with the Rovers on one occasion, as the final was not played. Their players included Percy Humphreys, who was to play to Notts County and England, and Jack Hobbs, who later became the great Surrey and England Opening Batsman. They also ran a cricket team.

A young Sir Jack Hobbs

In 1908 having won the Cambs Senior Cup for the third year they asked if the Cambs F.A. Council could mark this achievement by presenting their players with gold medals instead of the usual silver ones. The council refused as they felt that to many of the St Mary's players had not made themselves available to play for the county when asked too. The club had refused to pay for the repair of the cup, which had been damaged in their posession. As a result of this, the Football Council refused to present any medals or the cup that year.

The committee of the St Mary's Club was so upset that they founded a new club, the Cambridge Town Club, and affiliated to the Amateur Football Association as it was then called. Entering the new club in the Bury & District Senior League, the A.F.A. Amateur, Suffolk Senior and the East Anglia Cups. That new club is today Cambridge City.

Club Honours

1898-1900                         Beat Rovers to win the Cambs Senior Challenge Cup                                                                       1899-1900                         Share Cambs Senior Challenge Cup with Rovers as the final was not played                              1900-01                             Win Cambs Senior Challenge Cup                                                                                                    1902-03                             Cambs Senior Challenge Cup champions                                                                                          1905-06                             Win Cambs Senior Challenge Cup                                                                                                         1906-07                              Retain Cambs Senior Challenge Cup                                                                                                  1907-08                             Win the Cambs Senior Challenge Cup for the third year running but the cup is not presented