Coronation Park, Eastwood

Eastwood Town

Founded in 1953 as the result of the disbandment of the predecessor's Eastwood Colleries F.C., Eastwood Town, Notts played the Lilywhites in the 2nd Qualifying Round of the 2005/06 F.A. Cup.

F.A. Cup

24.9.2005                  Eastwood Town 1 - 1 Cambridge City                                              2nd Qualifying Round       Cambridge City team: Millard, Neil Pope, Lee Chaffey, Glen Fuff, Matt Langstan, Southon, Williams, Molesley, Robbie Simpson, Booth and Dobson. Subs used were Josh Simpson for Williams and Michael Gash for Robbie Simpson. The Lilywhites goal was scored from the penalty spot by Booth.

27.9.2005                   Cambridge City 3 - 1 Eastwood Town                                              2nd Qualifying Round Replay       Cambridge City team: Millard, Pope, Chaffey, Fuff, Langstan, Southon, Josh Simpson, Molesley, Gash, Booth and Dobson. Subs used were Williams for Gash, Parmenter for Josh Simpson and Stebbing for Booth. The goalscorers for the Lilywhites were Josh Simpson, Dobson and Gash.

In March 2014 Eastwood Town resigned from the Northern Premier League as the debt-ridden club had been padlocked out of the Coronation Park Ground by the local council who owned the ground. These meant that the Club would not be able to complete all of its fixtures.