Cambridge City v Burnham on January 18th, 2013

Founded in 1878, the Burnham Football Club originally played until the 1920s at Baldwin Meadow when they moved to the Gore, Wymers Wood Road in Burnham. They first were to first meet  the Lilwhites as a result of their merger of Hillingdon Borough with them in 1985 and this meant they were able to take the place of Hillingdon Borough in the Southern League. For the first two seasons in the Southern League, they were known as Burnham and Hillingdon before reverting back to their old in 1987.

Southern League South (NL 3)

26.10.1985                        Burnham & Hillingdon 2 - 5 Cambridge City                                                                                             Cambridge City team: Ian Ladley, Martin Gosling, Keith Moore, Phil Hubbard, Steve Roach, Terry Milbourne, Josh Cowan, Dave Reid, Peter Lindsay, Gary Grogan and Graham Daniels. Goals scorers for the Lilywhites were Peter Lindsay (1st minute), Keith Moore, Graham Daniels (2) and Steve Roach. 

23.4.1986                          Cambridge City 1 - 0 Burnham & Hillingdon                                                                                               Cambridge City team: Ladley, Gosling, Martin Wiles, Hubbard, Roach, Milbourne, Geoff Hancocks, Mario Ippolitto, Gary French, Grogan and Daniels. Sub used by the Lilywhites was Peter Lindsay, Goal scorer for the Lilywhites was Ippolitto in the second half. That season saw the Lilywhites win the Southern League South title.

Southern Premier (NL3)

23.10.2013                         Burnham 0 - 3 Cambridge City                                                                                                                  Cambridge City team: Zac Barrett, Tom Pepper, James Brighton, Will Lawton, Lee Chaffey, Josh Beech, Robbie Burns, Luke Allen, Adam Marriott, Kelvin Bossman and Josh Dawkins. Subs used where Jackson Ramn and Neil Midgley. Scorers for City were Beech (2) and Marriott.

18.1.2014                              Cambridge City 7 - 2 Burnham                                                                                                           Cambridge City team: Barrett, Pepper, Brighton, Nick Beasant, Chaffey, Beech, Burns, Adam Martin, Bossman, Marriott and Dawkins. Subs used by the Lilywhites were Will de Havilland for Beasant, Jackson Ramm for Beech and Louis Lee for Bossman. The Lilywhites got back to winning ways against a Burnham Club, that had been thrown into crises in the week when the manager and seven senior players walked out because money paid to players had been to cut to nil. This left team with just a few first team players with the rest of the side being made up by reserve and youth team players. Two nil up after just ten minutes, thanks to goals in the 5th minute by Robbie Burns and a rare headed goal for the Lilywhites in the 9th minute by Lee Chaffey, this soon became 3 nil when Adam Marriott scored the first of his hat-trick in the 16th. A fourth following in the 27th minute, this time another headed goal by Kevin Bossman. Marriott then scored again in the 33rd and Bossman in the 41st to make it 6 nil at half time. Shortly after the break on 49 minutes, Marriott completed his hat-trick. Despite then being 7 nil, the Burnham youngsters never lost heart and after the Lilywhites's subsitutions it was they that scored the only other two goals of the game.

Burnham's Ground