Founded in 1948, who's origins are the work's team, Stewart & Lloyds, the Steelmen play their home matches at Steel Park. The Lilywhites first played them in two cup games in 1958, one of the Lilywhites won 8 nil, before the league match was played between the two sides in 1965.

Southern League Premier (NL 1)

11.9.1965                  Corby Town 2 - 1 Cambridge Town                                                                                                                   Matt McVittie, the Lilywhites' scorer.

26.2.1966                  Cambridge City 1 - 1 Corby Town                                                                                                                      The goalscorer for the Lilywhites was Eddie Bailham.

7.8.1966                    Cambridge City 1 - 4 Corby Town                                                                                                                   Eddie Bailham was the scorer for the Lilywhites.

31.12.1966                Corby Town 1 - 0 Cambridge City

2.3.1968                    Cambridge City 0 - 1 Corby Town

5.3.1968                    Corby Town 0 - 0 Cambridge City                                                                                                                         At the end of the season, the Lilywhites are relegated.

Southern League Division One (NL 2)

12.8.1968                  Corby Town 2 - 2 Cambridge City                                                                                                                  McLeish and Hayes are the scorers for the Lilywhites.

3.9.1968                    Cambridge City 1 - 2 Corby Town                                                                                                                     Goal scored for the Lilywhites by Hayes.

12.8.1969                  Corby Town 0 - 0 Cambridge City

2.9.1969                     Cambridge 2 - 3 Corby Town                                                                                                                          Marshall (penalty) and Hayes are the scorers for the Lilywhites, who at the end of the season are promoted to the Southern League Premier Division.

Southern Leage North (NL 2)

2.10.1976                   Cambridge City 4 - 2 Corby Town                                                                                                                      Doyle (2), Duguid and Lawson score for the Lilywhites

12.3.1977                   Corby Town 1 - 0 Cambridge City

1.11.1977                   Cambridge City 0 - 0 Corby Town

4.4.1977                      Corby Town 1 - 2 Cambridge City                                                                                                                       Both of the goals for the Lilywhites were scored by Mahoney.

15.9.1978                   Corby Town 0 - 0 Cambridge City

26.12.1978                 Cambridge City 4 - 0 Corby Town                                                                                                                 Goals scored for the Lilywhites were by Simmons (2), McVey and a penalty by Green. The following season the Lilywhites played in the Southern League Midlands Division.

Southern League Midlands (NL 2)

1.1.1981                       Corby Town 3 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                                        Dave Simmons scored for the Lilywhites. The following season, the Lillywhites were placed in the Southern League Division South.

18.4.1981                     Cambridge City 0 - 0 Corby Town                                                                                                                  

31.3.1982                     Cambridge City 0 - 1 Corby Town

10.4.1982                     Corby Town 3 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                                    The sole goal for the Lilywhites was scored by Hutchinson. The next season, the Lilywhites played in the South League South.

Southern Premier (NL 3)

29.11.1986                  Cambridge City 6 - 3 Corby Town                                                                                                                       The goals for the Lilywhites were scored by Low, Tom Finney, Gary Grogan (2) and Graham Daniels (2, one of which was from the penalty spot).

3.4.1987                      Corby Town 1 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                                      Genovese scored the Lilywhites goal.

22.2.1987                    Corby Town 2 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                               Scorer for the Lilywhites was Low.

16.4.1988                    Cambridge City 5 - 2 Corby Town                                                                                                                        In front of a crowd of 460, Grogan, Roach, Low, Milborourne and Genovese scored for the Lilywhites.

29.10.1988                  Cambridge City 0 - 2 Corby Town

14.1.1989                     Corby Town 0 - 2 Cambridge City                                                                                                                Lockhart and Low scored the goals for the Lilywhites.

1.1.1990                       Corby Town 1 - 4 Cambridge City                                                                                                                Goals for the Lilywhites were scored by Gary Grogan (2), Steve Gawthrop and Kevin Wilkin

14.4.1990                    Cambridge City 5 - 0 Corby Town                                                                                                                 Kevin Wilkin scored a hat-trick for the Lilywhites, while the other goals were scored by Keith Lockhart (penalty) and Steve Spriggs.

26.12.1991                  Corby Town 0 - 0 Cambridge City

Southern Premeir (NL 3)

1.1.2014                       Corby Town v Cambridge City                                                                                                                         Match called off pitch was waterlogged.

3.4.2014                       Corby Town 0 - 2 Cambridge City                                                                                                           Cambridge City team: Zac Barrett, Jackson Ramm, Tom Pepper, Will Lawton, Lee Chaffey, Josh Beech, Ieuan Lewis, Adam Martin, Andrew Phillips, Adam Marriott and Josh Dawkin. Subs used were Danny Kelly for Lewis, Kelvin Bossman for Phillips and Robbie Burns for Dawkin. This victory took the Lilywhites above Stourbridge and into 4th place, still with one game in hand. The goals being an own goal in the 34th minute, a Josh Beech shot that was deflected in, and one by top scorer  Adam Marriott in the 75th minute.

21.4.2014                       Cambridge City 1 - 0 Corby Town                                                                                                        Cambridge City team: Zac Barrrett, Tom Pepper, James Brighton, Will Lawton, Lee Chaffey, Josh Beech, Robbie Burns, Adam Martin, Danny Kelly, Andrew Phillips and Josh Dawkins. Subs used were Kelvin Bossman for Kelly, Nick Beasant for Phillips and Jackson Ramm for Burns. In another must win game the Lilywhites, who were without the injured Adam Marriott, went in front in the 7th minute thanks to a goal by Robbie Burns. For most of the match they shared the play 50-50 with Corby but unlike their Corby, who failed to test the Lilywhite's goalkeeper (Zac Barrett), the Lilywhites forced the Corby number 1 to make a number of fine saves. The victory meant that they were certain of their place in the league play offs with just one game to play.

F.A. Cup

28.10.1967                  Corby Town 2 - 2 Cambridge City                                                                4th Qualifying Round               Moyse and Banson are the Lilywhites scorers.

31.10.1967                  Cambridge City 0 - 1 Corby Town                                                                4th Qualifying Round Replay

Inter Zone Cup

15.9.1958                     Corby Town 3 - 0 Cambridge City

Southern League Cup

22.1.1958                    Cambridge City 8 - 0 Corby Town                                                                 2nd Round                                 The goals for the Lilywhites were by McNeil (2), Hooley (2), King, Tarrant (penalty), Nicholson and Gaynor.

10.10.1961                  Cambridge City 0 - 1 Corby Town

21.8.1976                    Cambridge City 1 - 1 Corby Town                                                                 1st Round 1st Leg                    Alan Doyle scored from the penalty spot for the Lilywhites

24.8.1976                    Corby Town 2 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                 1st Round 2nd Leg                 Alan Doyle again scores for the Lilywhites but they go out on aggregrate.

24.8.1983                    Cambridge City 3 - 3 Corby Town                                                                 1st Round                                 Goals came for the Lilywhites from Hancocks, Hubbard and Grogan.

30.4.1983                    Corby Town 3 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                 1st Round Replay                Ashworth scored the solety goal for the Lilywhites.

Cambridge City v Corby Town, 2014