Originally founded as Redditch Town in 1891, Redditch United played the Lilywhites in the very last match at Milton Road on April 27th, 2013.

Southern League Midland (NL 2)

23.8.1980               Redditch United 0 - 0 Cambridge City                                                                                                                         crowd of just 152. This match took place at the Abbey Stadium, an athletic stadium, about a mile from their usual home, the Valley Stadium, which was not available.

The Abbey Stadium, Redditch

24.1.1981            Cambridge City 0 - 5 Redditch United                                                                                                                 Crowd of 178.

15.8.1981            Cambridge City 1 - 1 Redditch United                                                                                                                 Scorer for City was Duncan Smith

14..8.1982           Redditch United 3 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                                Played at the Valley Stadium in Redditch. Scorer for City was Phil Ainsworth

The Valley Stadium - The home of Redditch United

Southern Premier (NL 2)

6.91986               Cambridge City 2 - 1 Reddicth United                                                                                                               Scorers for City were Tom Finney and Mario Ippolitto

28.4.1987            Redditch United 3 - 3 Cambridge City                                                                                                              Scorers for City were Keith Lockhart (2) and Garg Grogan                                                                    

10.10.1987          Redditch United 0 - 2 Cambridge                                                                                                                       Scorers for City were Mark Browse and Keith Lockhart

30.3.1988             Cambridge City 1 - 0 Redditch United                                                                                                                      Scorer for City was Steve Low

11.1988                 Redditch United 0 - 1 Cambridge City (Match Abandoned due to Fog)                                                         Kevin Wilkin had put us one nil up before in the 15 minute the referee was forced to abandon the match.

10.1.1989              Redditch United 1 - 5 Cambridge  City                                                                                                            Scorers for City were Steve Gawthorp, Kevin Wilkin (2), Gary Grogan and Steve Fallon.

22.4.1989              Cambridge City 5 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                               Scorers for City were Keith Lockhart (2) - both penalties, Steve Gawthrop and Kevin Wilkin (2)

Redditch v Cambridge City

Southern Premier (NL 3)

8.10.2011              Redditch United 2 - 0 Cambridge City

18.2.2012              Cambridge City 1 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                                 Scorer for City was Lee Clift                                                                                           

8.12.2012              Redditch United 2 - 4 Cambridge City                                                                                   Cambridge City team: Zac Barrett, Ieuan Lewis, Charlie Death, Dave Theobald, Lee Chaffey, Robbie Nightingale, Neil Midgley, Adie Cambridge, Bryant, Adam Marriott and Ashley Fuller. Subs used were David Prada and George Darling. Scorer for City was Marriott (2). This was the match that City were robbed of the services of James Brighton and Luke Allen, both of who were injured in a car crash on route to the match.

27.4.2013              Cambridge City 1 - 0 Redditch United                                                                                  Cambridge City team: Zac Barrett, Tom Pepper, Will Lawton, Dave Theobald, Lee Chaffey, Robbie Nightingale, Luke Allen, Adie Cambridge, George Darling, Adam Marriott and Ieuan Lewis. Subs used were Mike Smith (who replaced Tom Pepper through injury after only 8 minutes), David Prada (who replaced Lee Chaffey in the 12th minute also through injury) and Ashley Fuller (who came on for George Darling in the 65th minute). In the very last match played at Milton Road, before a crowd of 814 that included over 30 ex players), Adie Cambridge scored the only goal. This also proved to be his last match for City, as it was later annouched that Adie Cambridge, who was the player/coach) was not been offered a contract for coming season.

11.12.2013            Cambridge City 4 - 1 Redditch United                                                                                                       Cambridge City team: Zac Barrett, Tom Pepper, James Brighton, Nick Beasant, Lee Chaffey, Josh Beech, Adam Martin, Kelvin Bossman, Adam Marriott and Josh Dawkin. Subs used Jackson Ramm, Ieuan Lewis and David Prada. Of the two unused subs, one was Ramon Fenoli, a Spanish striker who had played in Spain for Alguena C.F. and Pinoso C.F. and at the time was played for the Cambridge City Reserve team. Scorers for City were Adam Marriott, Josh Dawkin (2) and Tom Pepper. For the second game running the Lilywhites scored four goals as Redditch could not handle their flowing/passing style. Two up at half time after goals by Adam Marriott and Josh Dawkins, it might have been more but for some good saves by the Ridditch goalkeeper (Sam Hornby). For most of the second half City were the only side that looked like scoring as Redditch could not get into the game. Having added to the score with a second gaol for Dawkings and one by Tom Pepper, Redditch then scored with the first real attack of the half. From then on they came more into the game and started to cause City defence but they could not add to their sole goal. By this time, City had lost their shape and style as centre forward Kelvin Bossman had been subbed. All in all it was another great team performance. Man of the match: the whole team!

Cambridge City v Redditch, December 11th, 2013

11.1.2014                    Redditch United 4 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                        Cambridge City team: Barrett, Pepper, Brighton, Beasant, Chaffey, Beech, Lewis, Prada, Bossman, Marriott and Dawkin. No subs were used. Playing their first match since Boxing Day as the first two matches of the new year had been posponed due to warerlogged pictches, the Lillyewhites had a 'nightmare'. Not only did they lose 4 - 1 and in doing so Redditch put an end the Lilywhites run of eight consecutive wins, they had both Robbie Burns and James Brighon sent off in the second half. Two nil down at half-time, the Lilywhites had pulled one back in the 49th minute when Adam Marriott scored from the penalty spot after Josh Beech had been brought down by the Redditch goalkeeper. Then came the sending off with bascially ened any change of salvadging something from the match especially as they conceded a third goal in the 84th minute and a 4th in the final minute of the match. This defeat meant that they dropped down to third, behind Chesham United but still with a game in hand, but with leader's Hemel Hempstead losing too the gap between the Lilywhites and Hemel Hempstead stayed the same. 

9.8.2014                       Redditch United 2 - 4 Cambridge City                                                                                                             Cambridge City team: Zac Barrett, Tom Pepper, Ieuan Lewis, Will Lawton, Lee Chaffey, Josh Beech, Buster Harradine, Adam Martin, Danny Kelly, Callum Donnelly and Josh Dawkin. Subs used were Andrew Phillips for Harradine and Jake Woolley for Donnelly. This match could easily be described as the 'great comeback match' as 2 nil down after 27 minutes and all at sea, the Lilywhites came back to win 4 - 2. Goalscorers for the Lilywhites were Lee Chaffey (67), Andrew Phillips (69), Josh Beech (81 from penalty spot) and Danny Kelly (90).