International Challenge Du Nord

On May 12th, 1912 the Lilywhites beat Union Sportive Tourquennois at Turcoing in France to win the International Challenge Du Nord Cup and so became 'champions of Europe'. The previous year they had been runners up and all in all played in the competitions on three occasions.

The International Challenge Du Nord Cup was first played in 1897 and was competed for between amateur teams from Belgium, England, France, Holland and Switzerland. Played as a knockout, the early rounds were played on a national basis, with the country winners then representing their country in France.


7.1.1911            Cambridge Town 5 - 2 Aquaries                                                              First Round                                          Goalscorers for the Lilywhites were Colville, Ellis, Sizer and Coe (2)

4.3.1911             Beckenham Town 2 - 3 Cambridge Town                                                 Second Round                             Two of the Lilywhites were scored by Sizer and the other by Doig.

11.3.1911            Cambridge Town 5 - 2 Reigate Priory                                                       English Semi-Final                         Goals scored by Sizer, Coe, Halls (2) and Fleming

8.4.1911               Cambridge Town 8 - 2 Carshalton                                                               English Final                             Played at Reigate Priory, the Lilywhites won thanks to goals by Flack, Ellis, Sizer, Coe (2) and Halls (3)

30.4.1911              Union Sportive Tourquennois 2 - 1 Cambridge Town                              Final                                          Doig scored for the Lilywhites.



17.2.1912              3rd Kent Artillery 2 - 3 Cambridge Town                                                     Second Round                         Goals scored for the Lilywhites by Jenkins, Coe and Sizer.

30.3.1912               Cambridge Town 1 - 0 Woolwich Polytechnic                                           English Semi Final                    Goal for the Lilywhites scored by Brookes

13.4.1912               Carshalton 1 - 2 Cambridge Town                                                              English Final                               Sizer and Wigg scored for the Lilywhites.

21.4.1912                Racing Club De France 2 - 5 Cambridge Town                                       Semi Final                                   Played at Tourcoing, France the goalscorers for the Lilywhites were Sizer (3), Coe and Wigg.

12.5.1912                Union Sportive Tourquennois 1 - 4 Cambridge Town                            Final                                           Goals for the Lilywhites, in front of a crowd of nearly 9,000, were Brookes (2), Coe and Sizer.


18.5.1913                  Club Francais 4 - 3 Cambridge Town after extra time                           Semi Final                                  Scorers for the Lilywhites were Whybro (20 and Coe.