The Teignmouth Road Ground, Clevedon

The Lilywhites first played the Somerset team, Clevedon, in an amateur cup tie in 1925 but it was then just over 75 years before the two clubs then met again, this time in the Premeir Division of the Southern League. Founded in 1880 as Clevedon F.C., Clevedon Town originally played at Dial Hill, which they shared with the local cricket club, before in 1895 moving to the Teignmouth Road Ground. Here they stayed until the start of the 1992/93 season when they moved to the new Hand Stadium, which is named after the Hand family who served the club as secretary and president for nearly 50 years and through three generations.

The Hand Stadium, Clevedon

Southern Premeir (NL 3)

12.2.2000                           Cambridge City 1 -1 Clevedon Town                                                                                               Cambridge City team: Martin Davies, Steve Wenlock, Jason Burnham, Steve Holden, Scott Holding, Steve Gawthrop, Scott Taylor, Ian Stringfellow, Chris Cleaver, Ian Cambridge and Adam Wilde. Subs used were Kevin Wilkin and Neil Coburn. Scott Taylor scored for the Lilywhites.

25,5,2000                           Clevedon Town 1 - 0 Cambridge City                                                                                       Cambridge City team: Martin Davies, James Burnham, Steve Holden, Dean Randall, Steve Gawthrop, Neil Coburn, Mark Reeder, Kevin Wilkin, Ian Cambridge and Scott Holding. Subs used were Chris Cleavor, Adam Salmons and Adam Wylde.

13.1.2001                           Clevedon Town 3 - 0 Cambridge City                                                                                              Cambridge City team: Martin Davies, Bevan Browne, Richard Skelly, Dean Randall, John Girling, Tiim Wooding, Robbie Nightingale, Tesfaye Bramble, Kevin Wilkin, Ian Cambridge and Adam Wilde. Subs used Andy Kirkup and Chris Tovey.

31.3.2001                           Cambridge City 2 - 0 Clevedon Town                                                                                                  Cambridge City team: Martin Davies, Tim Wooding, Richard Skelly, Steve Holden, John Girling, Robbie Nightingale, Matt Hann, John Cha;;inor, Dan Chillingworth, Ian Cambridge and Adam Wilde, Subs used were Adam Tann, Steve Wenlock and Chris Tovey. Scorers for the Lilywhites were john Challinor and Adam Wilde.

15.11.2008                       Clevedon Town 1 - 0 Cambridge City                                                                                               Cambridge City team: Zac Barrett, Ben Nunn, Lee Chaffey, Dave Theobald, Mark Smith, Stephen Smith, Scott Neilson, Adie Cambridge, Ramon Calliste, Robbie Mason and Ashley Fuller. Subs used were Lee Roache, Neil Sharp and Craig Radcliffe.

14.3.2009                          Cambridge City 0 - 1 Clevedon Town                                                                                                Cambridge City team: Zac Barrett, Matt Haniver, Lee Chaffey, Dav Theobald, Mark Smith, Stephen Smith, James Krasue, Robbie Nightingale, Steve Gentle, Michael Frew and Neil Midgley/ Subs used were Ashley Fuller and Ben Nunn.

24.10.2009                    Cambridge City 4 - 1 Clevedon Town                                                                                             Cambridge City team: Zac Barrett, Matt Haniver, James Krause, Laurie Stewart, Lee Chaffey, Robbie Nightingale, John Frendo, Adie Cambridge, Steve Gentle, Neig Midgley and Ashley Fuller. Subs used Tony Burke for Cambridge, Craig Radcliffe for Fuller and Martin Bexfield for Burke. The Lilywhites were forced to make an earlier change after Adie Cambridge feel badly, this resulted in him receiving lengthy treatment before being taken to hospital with mild concussion. Replacing Cambridge on the pitch was Tony Burke, who was making his debut following his recent signing from Broxbourne Borough. The Lilywhites meant in front when Ashley Fuller hammered after Matt Haniver had laid a free into his path 20 yards from goal. In the second half they went two up after a fine and shot by Ash Fuller. Neil Midgley made it three with  tap in after the Clevedon goalkeeper could only parry another Fuller drive. Steve Gentle added a fourth before Clevedon scored a consolation goal.

27.3.2010                        Clevedon Town 0 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                   Cambridge City team: Zac Barrett, Martin Bexfield, James Krause, Dave Theobald, Milton Elenge, Lee Chaffey, Tony Burke, Adie Cambridge, Jamie Barker, Robbie Nightingale and Ashley Fuller. Subs used for the Lilywhites were Steve Gentle for Burke, Ramon Calliste for Elenge and Liam Nicell for Bexfield. Robbie Nightingale scored for the Lilywhites. Liam Nicell came on to make his debut for the Lilywhites having just signed for the Lilywhites from Rugby Town.

F.A. Amateur Cup

17.1.1925                          Cambridge Town 3 - 1 Clevedon                                                                                                          Cambridge Town team: Claude Coote, Reg Cousins, Ralph Chalk, F Garner, Len Wordingham, Jack Neaves, Frank Rae, W Taylor, Snowy Taylor, Harry Sizer and C Stearn. Two of the goals for the Lilywhites were scored by Snow Taylor and the other by Harry Sizer.