Tiverton Town

The Lilywhites first played Tiverton Town, who were founded in 1913, in 2002. They currently play at the Ladysmead Stadium, a ground they moved to in 1946 as their original ground, The Elms, was badly damaged during the War.

Southern Premier (NL 3)

9.2.2002                          Tiverton Town 5 - 0 Cambridge City                                                                                           Cambridge City team: Nurse, Flitton, Fox, Wignall, Vowden, Wenlock, Nightingale, Challinor, Kevin Wilkin, Gutzmore and Wade. Subs used were Evans and Essandoh.

16.3.2002                        Cambridge City 1 - 3 Tiverton Town                                                                                            Cambridge City team: Nurse, Wignall, Skelly, Bea;;, Vowden, Wooding, Wenlock, Challinor, Wilkin, Wilde and Fox. Subs used were Holden, Gutzmore and Thacker. Adam Wilde scored for the Lilywhites in front of a crowd of 437.

5.10.2002                        Cambridge City 3 - 0 Tiverton Town                                                                                                Cambridge City team: Davies, Wignall, Wardley, Wooding, Vowden, Wilson, Clements, Hayes, Collins, Nightingale and Wilde. Subs used were Houghton and Wilkin. Scorers for the Lilywhites, as they beat Tiverton for the very first time, were Clements, Collins and Nightingale. 

4.1.2003                           Tiverton Town 0 - 2 Cambridge City                                                                                                            Cambridge City team: Davies, Huggins, Wardley, Wooding, Vowden, Wilson, Nightingale, Sturgess, Robbie Simpson, Bloomfield and Nurse. Subs used were Wilson, Gutzmore and Wilkins. Robbie Simpson scores both of the goals for the Lilywhites as they do the double over Tiverton.

24.1.2004                        Tiverton Town 1 - 1 Cambridge City                                                                                                            Cambridge City team: Davies, Pope, Baillie, Pluck, Langstan, Niven, Williams, Miller, Nolan, Bloomfied and Riddle. The only sub used was Robbie Simpson.

24.4.2004                        Cambridge City 6 - 4 Tiverton Town                                                                                                   Cambridge City team: Davies, Pope, Baillie, Langstan, Chaffey, Pluck, Miller, Scott, Bloomfield, Battersby and Hughes. Subs used were Riddle, Nightingale and Robbie Simpson. Scorers for the Lilywhites in a truly remarkable game were Langstan, Scott, Bloomfield (3) and Hughes.

29.11.2008                      Cambridge City 1 - 0 Tiverton Town                                                                                                              Cambridge City team: Barrett, Hanvier, Chaffey, Theobald, Mark Smith, Nightingale, Neilson, Adie Cambridge, Calliste, Midgley and Radcliffe. Sub used were Sharp and Mason. Scott Neilson scored the only goal of the match for the Lilywhites.

4.4.2009                           Tiverton Town 1 - 2 Cambridge City                                                                                          Cambridge City team: Barrett, Nunn, Chaffey, Theobald, Mark Smith, Farrell, Midgley, Cambridge, Gentle, Frew and Neilson. Subs used were Pepper and Radcliffe. The goals for the Lilywhites were scored by Gentle and Frew.  

3.10.2009                         Cambridge City 1 - 1 Tiverton Town                                                                                                          Cambridge City team: Barrett, Pepper, Krause, Gentle, Stewart, Nightingale, Frendo, Cambridge, Clarke, Midgley and Fuller. Subs used were Bexfield for Midgley, Radcliffe for Fuller and Hanvier for Pepper. The scorer for the Lilywhites was Pepper. Both Tom Pepper and Lee Clarke were in the Lilywhites starting line up for the very first time.

13.3.2010                         Tiverton Town 0 - 0 Cambridge City                                                                                                         Cambridge City team: Barrett, Bexfield, Krause, Theobald, Elenge, Kennedy, Burke, Cambridge, Barker, Calliste and Fuller. Subs used were Midgley for Fuller, Nightingale for Cambridge and Gentle for Calliste. 

28.8.2010                         Cambridge City 5 - 0 Tiverton Town                                                                                                             Cambridge City team: Barrett, Nicell, Abbs. Theobald, Chaffey, Kennedy, Burke, Cambridge, Hammond, Kolodynski and Fuller. Subs used were Midgley, Elenge and Rogers. The goalscorers for the Lilywhites were Kolodynski (8th minute), Hammond (9th), Burke (11th), Nicel (36th) and Abbs (86th).

11.12.2010                      Tiverton Town 2 - 2 Cambridge City                                                                                                              Cambridge City team: Barrett, Nicell, Krause, Theobald, Chaffey, Cambridge, Hughes, Nightingale, Midgley, Robbins and Hammond. The only sub used was Kolodynski. The scorers for the Lilywhites were Hammond in the 20th minute and Robbins in the 59th. Tiverton are relegated that season, while the Lilywhites lose in the play off semi final to Salisbury and so don't gain promotion.