Cambridge City Football Club

1883c - St Mary's Football Club are founded

1903 - Former St Mary's player, Percy Humphreys makes his international debut for England

1908 - St Mary's Football Club are re-formed as Cambridge Town Amateur Football Club

1910 - Cambridge United Amateur Football Club is founded 

1911 - Move from original home in Purbeck Road to a new ground near Hills Road Bridge.

1913 - Win the Du Nord Cup

1914 - Cambridge United Amateur F.C. and the Lilywhites amalgamate

1919 - Forced to use a number of College Grounds as the Hills Road Bridge Ground is no longer available.

1920 - Begin using the New Trinity Sports Ground for their home matches

1922 - First match played at the original Milton Road Ground

1933 - Abbey United, later Cambridge United play their first match at Milton Rd

1946 - Reached 1st Round of the F.A. Cup for the first time

1951 - Renamed Cambridge City and win the inaugural Cambs Invitation Cup

1958 - Become a Professional Club and enter the Southern League

1960 - Derek Weddle scores seven goals in a 8 - 0 victory at Milton Road

1963 - Southern League Champions

1967 - The Greyhound track is opened

1975 - Stage TV Programme 'It's A Knock Out'.

1984 - Last Match at the Old Milton Road Ground. A 2 all draw against Dunstable

1985 - First match at the New Milton Road Ground

2013 - Final match at Milton Road and start ground sharing with Histon

2014 - Planning permission passed by South Cambs District Council for the building of a new stadium at Dales Meadow, Sawston

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This is a brilliant little book on the history of the Lilywhites and tells you so much than just the first 5 seasons as a professional club. It is well worth the money and time to track down a copy to purchase.

I must specially thank Neil Harvey (The Club Historian of Cambridge City Football Club), Terry Dunn (Cambridge City F.C.), Ken Lochran (Cambridge City F.C.), Chris Jakes of the Cambridgeshire Collection, Paul Procter and Jack Walker for allowing me to use some of his photographs of different football grounds and Geoff Doggett, to name just a few, for all their help with putting this website. I must also add to this list a number of ex players.

Club Dinner 1948


In more recent years the Non League has gone through a number of restructures and as a result I have produced the following grading to help explain things:

Prior to the 1981/82 Season

NL 1 - Southern League Premier Divsion                                                              NL 2 - Southern League Division 1 South, Midlands or North

1982/83 - 2003/4 Seasons

NL 1 - Football Conference                                                                                   NL 2 - Southern Premier League                                                                          NL 3 - South League Division 1 South, Midlands and North

2004/5 to date

NL 1 - Conference National                                                                                  NL 2 - Conference South and North                                                                    NL 3 - Southern Premier